diversity, equity, inclusion, 
 and accessibility (DEIA) 

DEIA Statement

The Artists’ Guild of Spartanburg is committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility. At the Artists’ Guild of Spartanburg, we strive to:

- Welcome and showcase differing artistic perspectives, backgrounds, genders, ages, races, ethnicities, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations and identities

- Create an atmosphere where all feel welcome to join, create, support, and participate in any of the variety of programs we offer

- Provide open opportunities so that individuals or groups in our community feel valued and respected

- Treat all people fairly and provide access, opportunity, and advancement

DEIA Action Steps

The Artists’ Guild of Spartanburg seeks to fulfill its DEIA goals through the following action steps:

- Recruiting diverse board and committee members

- Reaching out to parts of our community that may not feel we are accessible (through marketing and events)

- Working to bring the visual arts from inside our gallery to the public outdoors and through partnerships offering engaging spaces

- Seeking diverse member-artists so that more people in Spartanburg will see their work (and thereby “hear” their unique voices)