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I was born in 1990 and raised in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC, I was super into music and skateboarding from pretty early on, and that is where I really started noticing and appreciating art. My mom and grandma took me to a Picasso exhibit when I was like six or seven, which was also pretty cool, being that close to DC gave me a lot of opportunities to see stuff like that, but I think ultimately the graphics on skate decks, album covers, and the spray paint I’d find behind strip malls and in drainage ditches spoke to me a little more, and is really what got my brain going. 


After working in restaurants/customer service for close to a decade, I realized I could work those types of jobs anywhere, and I was ready to change my scenery a bit, so in 2014 a couple of roommates and I moved to Asheville NC. I had heard the art scene there was awesome, and I had a background in beer, so I was excited for the move. As a self-taught artist I began connecting with retail stores and breweries, painting murals in businesses and skateparks, and showing in local galleries.


Since 2018 I’ve been in Spartanburg SC where I’ve been involved in local art walks and city festivals. My first solo show entitled “Subject0mega’s Winter Holiday” debuted in January 2020 in the Guild Gallery of the Chapman Cultural Center. 

Following my solo show I’ve had the opportunity to be shown in galleries across the Carolinas.

gage coleman

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