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 member artists 


monta anthony
meg barrow
jennifer leigh bonner
sabrina queen bridges
lucy boland
julia burnette
austin burns/a.c. burns ceramics

carrie caldwell
vivianne carey
gayle caregnato

gage coleman
carrie creech
david datwyler
robin davenport
brandi dice
adam du shole
emma dingler
leslie dingler
kate frost
carol funke
annette giaco
debbie page harris
carla henriquez
a.d. hogan
susan hopps
alice jackson
rhonda jones

josh kelley
jeremy kemp
shannon kemp
sherril king
claire louka
hamed mahmoodi
judy martin
morgan mccarver
frank "chip" mayes
fred mead
susan myers
michelle radford

christina ramsey
natalia rosario
brittany rowe
liana stadelmann/aquabun

peter schmunk
rikkia (kia) tracy
nick trainor
mary verrandeaux
lalage warrington

lee wilkie
aimee wise
suzanne zoole
tom zumbach
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“A great artist is always before his time or behind it.”

George Moore
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