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genevieve strickland

I grew up in the low-country surrounded by ancient shaggy oaks, marshlands, and all types of waters. It created a deep sense of grounding for me whenever I'm near the ocean. But I love that it's just a hop and a skip and you can be deep in farmlands, national forests, and the blue ridge mountains!

Myrtle Beach as a kid was a hub for attracting all kinds of visitors, creating a really unique and diverse art scene. I discovered the power of art at a very young age, and it continues to be a guiding force throughout my life. I had an insatiable need to learn everything about art but had trouble finding mentors and programs that offered what I was looking for until I got to college. And, funnily enough, that experience had me start Art Camps and Private Lessons for young artists here in town. I didn't leap into painting and an art business until 2016, after the birth of our second child. Currently, I live in Upstate South Carolina along with my husband Adam, two boys, and our three-legged studio dog Elsie. Using my creative mind as a Mom has been me endlessly inventing cool things to do with cardboard boxes, from Star Wars ships to sculptures and everything in between.

I am continually in awe with the way artwork can speak to others without using words. Some paint on a canvas creates a shared experience between you, the viewer, and me, the artist. This connection brings me such joy and compels me to paint the way I see the world: full of color and joy. 


In addition to painting and teaching art full-time in her home studio, Genevieve is a licensed and practicing marriage and family therapist. She has 15+ years experience in marketing/social media for businesses. She is an alumnus of Converse College in Spartanburg, SC, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy and an Education Specialist in Marriage and Family Therapy. She seamlessly blends her background in studio art ,art therapy, and psychology into her artwork.

artist statement

Nature has been a constant healing force throughout my life and allows my soul to breathe in this often unpredictable world. The water, trees and sky provide unlimited exploration and I’m fascinated with the complexities the variations of light and color in nature offer. My intent is to bring the essence of a moment to the canvas entwining vibrant hues with beautiful marks.

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