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stephanie siobhan boteler

Self-taught, there is and always has been a force within that compels me to create. It is my fire and fury, my love and life. When not actively working on a piece my mind is always spinning and overflowing with ideas. Artistic passions run deep and take shape in various forms such as painting, writing, improvisational piano and harmonica.  


I like to create art that emphasizes the beauty in the world though nothing is off limits. Certain social issues are important to me as well like climate change, especially how animals and insects are affected.


Experimentation is a fun part in the creation process. Glass, coral, tree branches, roots and bugs are some of the materials incorporated into my artwork. Abstract paintings become one thing after another until they arrive. They are created without thought, with whatever springs forth from within. This is often achieved through action painting in which paint is hurled onto the canvas using non-traditional means to apply the paint. It is a vigorous process, and a piece usually takes many hours to complete.


One of the many artists and their artwork I admire is British illustrator Ralph Steadman. Based on his methods (minus the ink), I tried a fun, new way to create figurative paintings by starting out with just a splatter of paint without any preconceived notion as to what the paintings were to become. The four images below are representative of this technique (I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You, Your Prehistoric Ways Turn Me On; Kiss Me! I’m Yours; You Make Me Crazy, in a Good Way; and Don’t Make Me Laugh).


The arc of creation resides within me. With limitless vision, I look to the sky, the stars, the moon, and beyond.

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